Biedermann, Jonas and Syfrig, Marco (2015) Templator2. Bachelor thesis, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil.

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C++ allows the usage of templates to build functions and classes with generic types. This gives the advantage that classes and functions only need to be defined once and can be used for many containing data types without duplicating code. Templates can be hard to work with because the compiler instantiates templates during the compilation process which results in code that the developer cannot see.
Based on the passed, deduced arguments, defined functions, and class templates the compiler selects different code that will be executed. Programmers using Eclipse CDT do not have easy access to the instantiated templates and thus to information about select function overloads and class template specializations. Programmers want to know what the compiler finally chooses, especially in the case of nested template instantiations.
The goal of our bachelor theses is to extend the plug-in for Eclipse CDT we developed in our term thesis. The existing plug-in is able to show the programmer simple function template instantiations and should now be extended to support class template instantiations. The outcome is a view that helps the programmer to examine function templates and their deduced arguments, class templates and nested function calls. It offers interactivity to recursively resolve function calls and class template instantiations for an arbitray nesting level. The UI assists the user with a search function, jumping to the definition in the C++ editor and displaying the resulting instantiations in a tree like hierarchy with many UI features.

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Sommerlad, Peter
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