Modern C++ on embedded devices

Sauter, Martin Johannes (2019) Modern C++ on embedded devices. Student Research Project thesis, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil.

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C++ is a widely used programming language which is well suited for embedded devices. Embedded devices have smaller processors and less memory than normal computers or notebooks. They are often used in the industry because of the low cost and small size. The goal was to create two example projects in modern C++ for embedded devices in order to demonstrate how C++ projects for embedded devices can be developed with the IDE Cevelop. The second goal was to develop this software once, but run it on different hardware platforms. This is called hardware independence and is very useful due to the big availability of different platforms.
The first part was to create a traffic light controller for a street with a pedestrian crosswalk. If pedestrians wants to cross the street, they can push a button. This will initiate a light change from red to yellow and then to green, while the lights for the cars on the street changes in the other direction. The second part was a demonstration of a controller software for the Acrome Ball and Beam, a system to teach control theory.
The goal of this system is to balance a ball in the middle of a beam or in any other desired position. One can push the ball in one direction and the system starts immediately to regulate the ball back to the middle of the beam. The manufacturer of this system offers it’s own software to the system but for this project,this was not used. Both of the projects where in principle successful with the exception of the platform independence. The software is only tested on the Raspberry Pi but should be portable once the HAL for other hardware platforms is written.

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Technologies > Devices > Raspberry Pi
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Sommerlad, Peter
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